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    shopping cart features needed

    have a high volume flower shp that i want to move on-line... I have looked at many shopping carts and cant find one that will do this:
    I want the customer to be able to select; using a calendar or drop down box- the day they want the ordered delivered. Sundays and other holidays will be blacked out as days that no deliveries can be made. ALSO.. ( this is the hard part) after 2pm EST I will not accept deliveries for the next day... I want the cart to note time of order and prevent customers from doing that.... does anyone know what cart can do this? I see many flower shops have carts that do these things
    please advise

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    Chances are they are made themselves for this type of customization. Especially since you are using a time - that could be difficult if you rely on the server to give you the time

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    I believe Corey is correct. This is a custom modification that will need to be done by your web designer. I have not heard of any out of the box carts or add-on modifications that can do this. Good luck!

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    Yes, I agree with BrilliantHosts and Corey, you need customized shopping cart software.

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