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    Where to get high density foam for shipping rack servers?

    This might be a tad off-topic, but I figured somebody in here might know.

    I'll never use UPS OR FedEx packing services again - 3 times now I've had machines damaged and/or rack ears bent to the point of being unusable. Sure, shipping insurance covers this stuff, but who wants to mess with that? Clearly, even though they swear the equipment will be fine, it will not be.

    I've got a couple Dell 2650's I need to ship, but the original packing materials are long gone.

    Dell won't sell packing materials alone.

    I've looked in the yellow pages, but can't figure out where to look for high-density foam for packaging this.

    Anyone know what kind of company or industry (I'm in Omaha) might sell high density foam I can use to custom-build a safe package for rack servers?
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    Looks like I need polyethylene foam... I've found a few supplies locally, but its pricey, at $400 for a 4x9 sheet with 3" thickness.
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    Look for a company that does expanded foam injection.

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