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    Is there a difference between hosting companies like these?

    With all the responses I have seen that there is no such thing as cheap shared hosting with large sizes and bandwidth - - - and considering that I am looking for such a hosting company that can provide faster page delivery than I already have -- - - is there a difference between a service that companies provide - like

    and who I am already hosted with (who have been providing slower and slower page loads of my site - even though they say my pages load instantly for them) ?

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    50GB space/500GB Bandwidth for $5/month?

    mmmm..interesting..sounds like dialup 56kbps bandwidth..hehe
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    Well...I have had no experience with either of I can't say.

    Nothing takes the place of good ole fashioned experience. If you really want a reliable host..forget the cheap ones. Consider someone like:

    who you will never see advertsing on WHT..much less offering 80GB for $5/month.
    I don't have a account with them...because I am far, far from the reseller account stage now. Aye..once the hosting vortex(tm) has ye...resistance is futile!

    If I needed a reseller account..that's who I would get. I've had no experience with any others..but I'm sure there are plenty of others who charge a bit more than most...but provide better stability and service.

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    I never used any of those companies, however, I would suggest you to avoid those crazy "super" deals where you get 92839218 GB of Space and 23983498 BW for 2 peanuts.
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    Hi robertwatcher, as Jedito said, stay away from those super deals. Too many hosts oversell their resourses and the customer suffers from a variety of things including excessive down times and slow loading sites.
    Don't knock yourself in the head, everyone looks for a deal, just use the experience and move on. Next time try and do some research, choose a handful of hosts you think will suit your needs, do a search here for reviews, remembering no news doesn't mean bad news and not all bad reviews are all that bad. Ask questions here on any thoughts you have and contact the potential hosts. Then wind your search down to the host you think is good for you. Good luck!
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    You all have been most helpful - thank yoiu.

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    Well if it could help, I'm with Dreamhost (which offer 20gb / 2TB) for near 2 years now, and beside few downtime here and there, it's not bad. Not super reliable, but definitely not as bad as the host I was before.

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    Hi Rob,

    Definitely would recommend RS Hosting ( I've been with them for almost 2 years now, and the fact that their Reseller package was so reliable I now recommend them to clients who would require a dedicated server. I have one dedi with them already as well. They are so reliable that for months you will forget that 'you're hosting' your website somewhere. It is just there, up and running, and is quick to respond and download pages too.

    When sh*t happens, and in 2 years one must consider the probability of it happening anyway, they are so clear and honest about explaining the whole situation "__ in details __", and invloving the affected clients in finding a rememdy for the situation (when applicable). This transparency goes a long way in my book.

    I'm a professional web application developer, and I ask no none-sense support questions. All the time every time I get responded to by their techie on shift I get clear no none-sense answer, in less than 10 minutes. They are there, they are honest, they know what they are doing. They are top-notch professionals. Period.

    For newbies, or non-techies who ask really dump tech questions in their forums, the RSH staff is still very tolerant and friendly helping them out. In many occassions they'd go the extra mile doing things that are out of the scope of their business (which purely and technically is 'just hosting') to help those people out, as best as they can.

    Just my 2 cents. Hope I was of help

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    I was extremely impressed with the almost instant feedback, dialogue and answers to my questions on RS hostings forum. I thank you folks for the recommendation and am hoping that they are the resolution to my issues.

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    I went and looked at RS Hostings site, and was relieved that they are realistic with thier prices and plans. I get so sick and tired of the over-sellers.

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    Me too, they seem to be all right, but i'd look around for reviews still.

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