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    Angry Software to check downloads


    I noticed a huge bandwidth increase from files downloaded at my site. It changed from 1-2 gigs a day to 20 gigs a day, how can i monitor the files that are being downloaded or how can i hide the url the file is coming from. I think people are giving out the url's to all my files so they can download it for free.

    I need to put this to a stop, Please can anyone help

    Thanks in advance Vince

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    try to search for free anti-leech script at google or I would recommend you to check for payed version, anti-public leech something like that.

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    Check your web logs; determine what sort of files are being leeched if indeed they are. If so, you can use your web server's features to combat leeching. If a file is being accessed with no referer (or the REFERER isn't your site), you can use features of Apache, for example conditionals and mod_rewrite) to deny access to those files and redirect leechers.

    The plus side of this is that it combats links others may already be publishing to your files.

    A little google will turn up the howto.
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    I believe there are simple php scripts laying around which detect what website they are downloading from. With this you should be able to detect whether they are downloading from your website, or not.

    Sorry, I havent the priviledges on this forum to post the code link yet

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    mwatkins proposed the best solution IMO, and googling for ".htaccess prevent hotlinking" gives you this:

    No need for any language to take care of access rights. Let Apache handle it
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