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    [Registerfly] Renewal failure

    I've emailed them an email regarding renewal failure but had no response and they also charge me $8.99 in cc for 1yr renewal.

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    I had the excatly same problem today!

    And my domain have expired so it is offline but they don't renew my domain. I have also e-mailed them but with no answer!

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    I suggest you do a search on the forum, you are not the only one with this problem.

    My suggestion, transfer away from registerfly and ask for a refund.

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    oh no! i am having the same problem! I have used RegisterFly for years...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaceJunkie
    There were/are/will be WAY MORE threads with this problem. I would suggest searching before posting. Also, as Stu2 says, contacting registrar via email is sheer lunacy... They have ticket system - use it!.
    Respect My Authoritah! - Eric Cartman (a friend of mine).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stan Marsh
    They have ticket system - use it!.
    Yea I know they have a ticket system, and I do use it.. Problem is they don't use themselves..

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