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Thread: Need sugestions

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    Need sugestions


    I'm currently on Dreamhost. I don't have much to complain, but one of my web site (running joomla and VBulletin) is getting bigger and bigger. I need to move since it's now too big for a shared plan.

    Problem is I'm lost.. I see 2 options

    1. I go with a dedicated server.
    2. I buy my own server and put it somewhere.

    The price of the server isn't much of a problem, I just need to find a good "cheap" place to put it. I would like the server to be in Quebec Area.

    Budget is $100/month.

    For that price, I would have a P4 2.6ghz on Iweb.. Problem is, if I can find a place in a datacenter for my server, I could have a Xeon (Woodcrest) for similar price.

    Any suggestions for a Datacenter in the Quebec city area ?

    Any suggestion of "better" Dedicated server than Iweb (I know lot of people like them, but I wasn't impressed with their email response time (36 hours and 4 days...)

    Thanks for help, my head is hurting...

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    Are you sure you need a dedicated server? DreamHost is a oversold host so i would think that any website that puts a little pressure on the server would cause problems.

    I think you should try a vps or a semi dedicated plan from a host that doesn't oversell. Also when you are moving from host to host. Make sure to backup everything, specially you mysql db!

    Good luck.

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    My account on dreamhost would still be active. I'm hosting about 13 sites there.

    I already transferred everything on my own PC, making a unix/Windows 2003 conversion. It's not much of a problem, I have the knowledge to do this.

    Yes, I'm pretty sure I need dedicated. VBulletin is a monster script and need lot of juice.

    Dreamhost didn't advise me about my website. I don't have much problem (beside few slowdown) but my log show a 70-100 cpu minutes (DH allow 60). about 20-30% of the Server.

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    iweb ( is based in Canada/Montreal.
    They have both cheap and better servers.
    I've never used them, so I don't know how it would be.

    People from iweb pay a visit to WHT and answer some questions, time to time, too.

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    Well your CPU minutes might be excessive because your processes are taking longer to complete, again as Cifra-Patrick says due to overloaded servers which will cause things to take much longer or possibly sleep before they complete the execution.

    Not sure how they have it setup, or how your scripts work... but I'd take Cifra-Patrick's advice and try at least another shared plan from a non oversold provider shared hosting plan. If that did not cut it try a reseller or VPS plan. And if that doesn't do it, go for a dedicated.

    vBulletin is not that much of a hog in of itself. A shared server should run many many vbulletins without a problem....unless your forums are excessively busy, I'd try what Cifra-Patrick says.
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    Well I don't think a shared plan can handle 200 vbulletin users at the same time, this is Why I'm looking for something bigger.

    Currently, I'm over the limits and average under 50 users online. I have to "throttle" my web site because of that. (stopping publicity)

    I'm not really looking to change 5 time of web hoster. I would probably go dedicated and then IF the server is sleeping most of the day, I would downgrade to VPS. But seeing the VB forum, look like it will be the opposite.

    Edit: Also on a long run, this server would host 20-30 smaller web site too.

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    Any suggestion of "better" Dedicated server than Iweb (I know lot of people like them, but I wasn't impressed with their email response time (36 hours and 4 days...)
    That must be sales related (and I would appreciate if you can PM me more info since it's not a normal delay). Do not hesitate to let us know if you have any other question.

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    I will send you PM with all the info (as soon as I have the right to do it)

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    They won't let me PM.. anyway. General info:

    I have sent many question by email. I received a reply 6 minutes after telling me my email would be forwarded to "dedicated services" (it was in french, so sorry if it's not exact)

    Then I waited 3 full days before getting a reply. All answer were good, but I decided to still look a bit before ordering (if it take 3 days for a reply, I can't imagine if my server go down..)

    I was shopping for a "last minute offer" server, that since is soldout. So again, I'm still looking but still look at your web page now and then to see if something good will popup again.


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    Email me at leclair [at] we will continue out of the thread so we can keep the thread on subject if people have other suggestions. And do not worry, server emergencies are always answered withing 15 minutes 24/7, you can report emergencies through a form in our Customer Hub, request emergency work order 24/7 according to your management package or report emergencies by phone 24/7 following the correct procedure. And the sales staff is not involved in the tech support process. Furthermore, all servers are connected to a remote reboot port so if your server goes dows you can reboot it yourself. If it does not come back you report the emergency through the hub and someone looks at it quickly.

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    Thanks for the explanation. I sent you a mail.

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