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    Which VPS for Windows Streaming Media


    I am looking to get a VPS just for some small live webcasting. We're talking about once or twice a week for 60-90 mins each with 60 viewers max.

    Because we need Windows Media Services which means at least Windows Server 2003 Standard (Web won't work) , a lot of VPS offers won't work.

    Does anybody have any recommendations, shouldn't be too expensive since we really do not have a lot of traffic going on.

    I was looking at GoDaddy their Windows VPS only has 384 MB, though. Is that enough for Windows Media Services?

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    Please keep in mind I have not done any real world testing on this, however, you would likely be able to do some basic streaming media from a 256-512MB Windows Virtuozzo VPS. It will also depend on how many users are connecting.

    Most providers wont use Windows Web for a Windows Virtuozzo server as Windows Web does not come with the ability to install the full Terminal Services software which means that the total number of simultaneous remote desktop connections across the entire node would be limited to 2. That being said, pretty much all companies offering Windows Virtuozzo "should" be able to support this.

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