I tailed exim logs while waiting for a forum activation mail to come in, resent it numerous times and logs show this:

2006-11-30 17:55:53 1Gpvks-0001mz-Qe => /dev/null <[email protected]> F=<[email protected]> R=central_filter T=**bypassed** S=0 QT=3s DT=0s
2006-11-30 17:55:53 1Gpvks-0001mg-Iq => me <[email protected]> F=<[email protected]> P=<[email protected]> R=virtual_sa_user T=virtual_sa_userdelivery S=3014 QT=3s DT=3s

How do I fix this? I even disabled spam assasin and still did not come through.

I have Chirpy's ACL installed as well.