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    Looking for webhost + one off payment

    Hey there folks

    I was wandering if anybody knew of any DECENT web hosting providers that charge a one off fee for web hosting that has alot of SPACE and BANDWIDTH. One that allows me SSL access is what I want too. Do any reliable + trustworthy companies that offer what im looking for exist? Im tired of crap hosts that have poor downtime.

    Thank You

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    Do you mean a one time fee for ever?
    If that's what you mean, then, no, is not possible, you wont found any reliable host offering that kind of deals.
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    If by one-off payment, you mean pay for a year in advance, give HostGator a try.

    All their packages allow for monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and yearly payments.

    Their lowest package supports only Shared SSL, but the rest support Private SSL.

    I'd recommend them, and I'm sure you'll find a lot of positive reviews on here about them too.

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    You really got to make sure the host is reliable if you are making a one-off payment. Imagine you paid the money and the host wind up. Monthly payment is still the best way to go, imo, even for proven webhosts.
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    If you are meaning "one-off payment" as in pay once, and get hosting for life, it's hard to find a solution that offers this that is reliable and will continue to support you. A hosts costs will not suddenly stop, so it is not to their advantage to continue supporting you or even keeping your account online as they are no longer receiving any income from your account, which poses a problem.

    I have seen several hosts that have offered these one-time payments (but not all) and they completely left and left all of their customers without their data and their money lost. Add this along with high bandwidth and space requirements, it looks like you are looking for quite a mess (although it may not always necessarily be the case)!

    I do apologize if I misinterpreted what you meant by "one-off payment" and good luck searching for a host that fits your needs
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    I run my mission critical website through a company in the uk called Redstation.

    They are reliable, servers very stable, excellent telephone support and 100 for a year. You can pay the 100 in one go.

    Loads of gig and bandwidth, they don't oversell the servers either.

    Good luck

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