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Thread: Bloggin' on WHT

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    Bloggin' on WHT

    Since I've been so lazy to create a blog for myself, I'll just go ahead and rant about today on here. I'm sure others could connect and have some interest.

    About five minutes or so ago, I called 3 different pizza places to place an order - every single one of their wait time's were 1 hour+. Pizza Hut's wait time, believe it or not, was a whopping 2 hours+. I ended up calling Dominos, paying twice as much for two pizzas as I would for one at another place, and getting it delivered in 35 minutes.

    On my way home today, I got behind every road poking mongrel on the face of the earth! I was trying to get home by at least 5:30... I did but without a minute to spare. People just seem to not know how to drive! If your in the left lane and going 25 mph BELOW the speed limit, why not just get out and walk for cryin' out loud? I'd rather drive you myself then ride behind you. It's completely insane! People take drivers Ed in high-school as well as when they get out of high school from the D.M.V, and I guess they still DO NOT know how to drive (obviously). Apparently the state issues licenses to anyone that knows what a car is (apparently they don't know what the difference is between the gas and break pedals, however). They literally drove me nuts!

    When I got here, I walked down, checked the mail and noticed that there was yet another collections notice from PayPal which I've already sorted out once. Now I've got to wait on-hold another 35 minutes to speak with someone that will accuse me of never sorting it out to begin with, and then be placed on hold in the "holding cyberspace of endless death" with the same repetitious hold prompts over-and-over-and-over-and-over again, to have the person come back on and have nerve enough to ask "Could you please continue to hold?" - what does she think I really want too say?!

    Any ways, that's my blog/rant for the day. As you can tell, please don't tick me off right now (I imagine I'll get some smart-alleck PM's ... I don't mind). Thanks for reading!

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    I hear you on the slow-poke drivers part. The part that sucks the most for me is that our highway is one lane. When somebody isn't going the speedlimit or nowhere near...everybody suffers.

    I have a hour and fifteen minute commute to and from work. Morning is great, I leave at 4:30AM and am there by around 5:30AM (i go get something to eat usually) but at night it between 5:30PM to 6:30PM sometimes.

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