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    Santa Drops some great deals for Australian CO-LO

    Well Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho everyone..

    This offer is for AUSTRALIAN (Sydney based) Colocation!

    Its just about that time of the year and we are just about to fork out plenty of our
    hard earned money on Christmas presents and holidays expenses.

    Consider this.. While youíre sitting back taking down some cold ones you
    get an SMS on your phone with "Insert Device name DOWN".
    Itís like a nightmare unfolding in front of youíre vary eyes..
    You think whatís happened.

    Well we are here to take the risk out of your network heartaches
    with a super dupa special which will have even the brightest of mathematicians stumbled.

    How about you bring your nice little pieces of hardware over to us to look after
    during the Christmas period and beyond.

    Now you say.. ďWhy should I consider moving my nice little pieces of hardware
    to SurrenderOnline when plenty of other companies (with fancier names) can offer better deals

    You see we have what you call reliability! Our network is not
    a one connection with multiple provider links (Like most of our competitors). You can say you
    have McDonalds peering into your facility but if itís all coming down the one connection you have
    a point of failure ready to drop.

    We have individual connections from multiple providers including Telstra, SPT/SOUL
    and Quest from the US. This means we not only have local domestic bandwidth but also excellent
    US direct connectivity just incase something goes wrong.

    Now to top all this off we also have our own private peering party with providers inside
    the Equinix facility in order to create a faster point to route for our clients. Part of
    this peering party includes many of the top 5 ISPís in Australia.

    Wow this all sounds pretty expensive I hear you breath over your keyboard..

    Well its not.. We have a special at the moment for 1RU space and
    50 gigs bandwidth for only $150.00 Monthly including GST.

    Click here to ORDER NOW

    If network reliability is what matters most to you with excellent customer service and 24/7
    support including Christmas day, New years eve and day. But you thought that price is going
    to be a hope that you would not be able to make then think again!

    This offer is for the next two weeks only or till our rack space allocated to
    this fills up.

    Any questions send us an email or call our sales team during business hours on our
    1300 SO HOST number. You can always call me directly on 0403055859 anytime.


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