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    * WireSix: One month review.

    WireSix: One month review.

    So about one month ago, and I decided to put our company websites off the same network/ server as our shared/ reseller/ dedicated hosting customers. I decided to go with WireSix, who seemed to have good reviews that I read here.

    The Good:

    SpeedThe speed of our websites were excellent! Our websites were blazing and running better then ever before!

    UptimeAlthough I have only used them for one month, the uptime has been 100%! How do I know? I have staff on live support 24x7 using our live chat system. If there was ever a problem, they would report it to me immediately. Not to mention that the stats we keep are 100% for this month.

    SupportWhen ever I needed support, it someone (usually Ryan) always responded within 2 – 3 hours or less!

    The bad:
    Nothing really. During the first week or so, I had email issues, but they were all taken care of.

    Rating: 9 ½ out of 10

    Will I be staying with them? Absolutely! I will be renewing my account which is up for renewal tomorrow I believe.

    I hope to post the same review within the next 6 – 12 months as well!

    Week up the great work WireSix!

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    Can't go wrong with Ryan (WireSix)

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    Nice review! Nicely organized too. It's always nice to see a good review here and glad you found a host your happy with. Nice work Ryan!
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    Glad to hear you have had a good hosting experience with WireSix! Keep us updated!

    PS. How many Wire<number> hosts are out there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ldcdc
    PS. How many Wire<number> hosts are out there?
    I think just two. But than again how many hosts are out now a days?
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    Quote Originally Posted by HostFrog
    I think just two. But than again how many hosts are out now a days?

    Yes, unfortuneatly there is another with a very similar name (Whats up Ali!)

    There is also a very similarly named company "wingsix" from servercentral and of course the inverse that is a band "sixwire"

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