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    Need someone for adding grsecurity support in OpenVZ


    I currently use OpenVZ, but I really miss some features of grsecurity inside the VMs. I tried to patch grsecurity directly after adding the OpenVZ patch to the kernel, but that doesn't really work, because OpenVZ and grsecurity seem to overlap in a few parts of the code.

    I need the following part of grsecurity:
    - Users should not be able to see all processes by typing "ps aux" or "top", it's afaik some /proc restriction

    Anyone who is skilled in the Linux Kernel, OpenVZ and grsecurity, please help me - it's very urgent

    Paying up to 50$ (can be more if it's a high amount of work) via PayPal or EU wire transfer. Just drop me a PM or send an email to max (at)

    Thank you!
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