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    [ For Sale ] Image Upload Site + Design

    I purchased a design from nathalie (marengo) for about $620
    I never used the design, you'd get full ownership of a unique design. Will not be re-sold or re-used!!
    Fla Source,
    PSD files


    I'm also selling my site. Bundled because the design was created for the site.

    Domain + Files & Database + Purchased design

    PR: 5
    No Revenue as I never put up ad's
    About a month ago the server had hard drive failure and I lost basically everything and had to rebuild.
    Had almost 1000 members and about 9000 images hosted, here's proof
    ever since has grown steadily. There has been 3427 images uploaded with 51 registered members.

    Traffic Details:

    So here's a summary of what you'd get:
    Domain ( Namecheap Push - Worth $8
    All content of (PR 5 and steady traffic) - Worth $undetermined
    Premium Design (PSD, FLA, HTML, Fonts) - Worth $620
    Advanced Image Hosting script [Pro Edition] - License - Worth $119

    Total Worth: $740 + PR 5 site with content and steady traffic.

    Payment must be made by western union as I do not trust paypal (have been scammed before) or if wanted, we can use a escrow service (you pay fee's).

    I'm accepting bids over $300. Reply or PM me
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    Too bad you are not able to use the design. Just a clarification if you don't mind. I am sure prospective buyer would also like to know if Nathalie allows the "reselling" of her design with full rights with it? Have you talked to Nathalie about this? As for me, this arrangement is acceptable, but I am not sure about the terms set forth by Nathalie on her designs.

    Thanks and I wish you well on this offer.

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    I emailed her a few days ago.. she's yet to get back to me, but I'm pretty sure it's ok as i'm selling the design and the site it was designed for.

    I'm not trying to make a profit from this, I just dont want it to go to waste since I will not be using it.

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    Why are you selling after having a nice design built for it? Especially seeing that it appears the site is gaining traffic again. Why not keep the site and profit?

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    At first I was waiting on integrating the design into the script because the script was still in development, and just lack of time/funds/knowledge... never got around to it. I've had the design over a year. I've recently needed some extra cash.. so I need to sell this.

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    can the design be easily integrated?


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