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    DreamHost 7mb upload Limit (php.ini)

    Has anyone overcome the php.ini problem at DreamHost ?

    I am trying to upload .wmv video files around 20mb and of course they timeout after around 7mb.

    Please help!

    I found this bit of chatter on the net but I am still stuck:

    Thank you
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    Dreamhost lets you compile your own PHP. If you need this custom functionality go ahead and do it!

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    Thanks, pm sent.

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    Wow thats something it lets you compile your own php.ini wonder if that is a security risk on the overall machine
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    Feel free to quote to recompile PHP. I need to change the file size limit from 7mb to say 50mb

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    I have found someone to help with this.

    (ref. Ed)

    Many thanks.

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