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    NY based dedicated provider needed


    For particular project I need NY based dedicated server provider (something like EV1 or SL). I found one but they are quoting too high like $1000 for 1Mbps, P4 server etc ( )

    My question
    Do we have any good reliable server provider located in NY? ($150-$225 max, I need dual core with 1/2 GB RAM and SATA hd and Linux.)

    Please provide me some suggestions
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    Check out / in NJ (Jersey City Savvis DC I believe, but they have other POPs).

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    check out (Long Island) - they have dual core ... you can try contacting to see if they have any dual core available...not sure.

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    Are you looking for managed or unmanaged?
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    How big HD do you need?

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    Unmanaged, P4 Dual Core, 1GB RAM, 80 GB Linux/BSD and no CP. Min 500GB per month (iuplink 1-10Mbps)
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    Look at the offer forums,there many provider base on NJ/NY

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    You can take a look at
    Portugal Networks
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    Seriously consider or

    They are an amazing group of people with excellent support staff and an unparalleled network. We've never had any issues with their network and have been extremely satisfied with their prices as well as their support ( their techs answer anything, i would put them on par with LiquidWeb ).

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