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    Question DreamWeaver help needed,,weird issue with links!

    Hello all, for some reason now when I am working on a page in DreamWeaver, if I link anything it doesnt work right in the browser. If I was linking the word "HOME" to for example, when I look at the page in my browser and click on the link it shows the link as . So if I was trying to add a link to this page here and entered it in the page it would show up as instead of
    If I am linking to a support page (support.html) I have to just insert the support.html instead of , and I cant link to other websites!
    Is there some setting in DW that I am missing? I have looked and I dont see anywhere that you can set it to work like that.
    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    I have not used Dreamweaver in a very long time, but I know Frontpage, Expressions, and Sharepoint all have one thing in common - you have to be working inside a "web".

    Do you have that set up on Dreamweaver? if so check out Online community and forum for Dreamweaver for specific help on that WYSIWYG editor.

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    Are you website based on ASP/PHP or other dynamic scripts? I had the same problem as you said in .aspx files, but no problem with .htm files. For .aspx files, I have to go the script to set the links. Until now I don't know what's the reason.

    Any experts can tell us what's wrong?

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    I figured it out, it was a stupid mistake on my part . I was inserting the links with only the www. . You have to enter http://www. before the links or they wont work right.

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