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Thread: UK VPS Hosts

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    UK VPS Hosts

    Hi all,

    I am currently in a huge search for a VPS/Dedicated host that is UK based, and would like some suggestions of some companies that would be worthy of recommending.

    I'm currently with WebIntellects, who are unbelievable, with amazing service. However, due to certain changes, we are more in need of a UK based host to allow for increased speed, decreased latency.

    We are currently on the VPS 3 plan with WebIntellects on a Linux system and are looking to find a company who can come close/match/excel the service and specifications provided for the money spent:

    Disk Space: 35GBs
    Data Transfer: 700GBs
    Domains/Sub-domains: Unlimited

    Guaranteed RAM: 512mb

    Also, a not-so normal requirement, or preference, we'd like a host with an MS Exchange Service. Possibly the ability to deal with php/mysql and possibly in the future,, with the definite ability to expand, and at that rapidly. If you need any further info, please let me know.

    We are looking for someone quite urgently, links preferred, messages are ok. Please don't pm me though with offers, I'm looking for suggestions right now.

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    You may want to check out - I know they use a European DC.
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    IF you are looking to host an MS Exchange server you would probably be wanting to either look for a host that does both Linux and Windows VPS or prehaps even a dedicated server for the MS Exchange side. Out of the avaiable companies I would say or would be good choices as they both offer Windows and Linux VPS
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