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    * Need PHP/Mysql Programmer


    I would like a PHP/Mysql web programmer to do me a torrent tracker, no design, just plain programming.

    I don't want to use ready scripts because it would be a headache to extract the coding and implement it on my site.

    The torrent class would be able to do the following:

    * Get the torrent information about the files etc.. after parsing the torrent file (Separate parsing function would be nicer)

    Note: Inserting the information into the database, deleting the torrent or editing the torrent is an easy task that I can do.

    * I would like to have a ratio system (how much a user downloaded/uploaded [size] and the ratio)

    * How much each user that is on the tracker (leecher, seeder) have downloaded and uploaded to the moment + upload and download speed, updated every X minutes, with adding them to the total download/upload stats.

    * Any ideas or additions accepted.

    Please reply to this message with your estimate price. Messages to my PM would be answered only if I am interested in your price.


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    about £250

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    I can do this for £225 - contact me on messenger if you are interested.

    Jonathan Nathanson - freelance website designer

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