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    Does anyone know this company?
    I've had 2 calls within the last 6 months (got another one this morning) from customers says that this company (based in the UK) has called them saying that some "John Smith/Steve Smith, etc" wants to register a domain name like theirs for 10 yrs. (different domain ext, or the word INC (incorp) in the name) then says that they can register it and sell it to my customer for 600 pounds and lock them in for 10 yrs. then sends them a invoice by fax to show they mean business and are legimate.

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    Sounds like a scam to me.
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    600 pounds is too much, it sounds a scam, you may register the name for your customer if the customer feels he needs to protect his name, and charge him lot less.

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    I've seen other companies do this. They try to scare you into buying your FirstNameLastName .com ASAP at an inflated price.

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    Yeah it's a pretty common scam that a lot of people fall for. They do get the domain in the end but it costs them a lot of money.
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    Yes to Webpromo - very similar event just happened to me yesterday with a phonecall from this company - . It was very cleverly handled. It freaked me out for awhile until I did some checking. They shouldn't be allowed get away with this.

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    yes, it is a spam..

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    9 times out of 10 if a company calls you who've you've never done business with or even heard of, and they are trying to get money out of you, they are probably running some kind of scam. This sounds sort of like a telemarketer callings and trying to sell you junk, only these people use scare tactics.
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    Yes, but it's selling based on blatent lies. There really ought to be a law against this. Profile Business Services told me that a person whom they named had requested them to register 9 domain names with our exact company name - 3 of the names even included the Ltd bit at the end. It scared the heck out of me and although hard to prove - it was almost certainly complete lies.

    When I calmed down and examined it all logically from every angle it was nothing to worry about - even if the names were registered by some weird competitor. But this sales practise should be completely illegal. I wonder can they be reported to some IT industry body. I'd hate to see others being harrassed by what is effectively a form of subtle blackmail.

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    Sounds just like droa.... fake invoices.
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    * Profile Business Services

    Yet another example of this blatant scam. This time they tried to tell me Don Bennett was going to buy up all the web sites with a name similar to ours and had we any objections.
    If anyone wants to mess them about in return, you can call because I got a name - Tanya - and a phone number 0870 067 5527 ext 156. I haven't bothered ringing it but it could be interesting.
    Or we could enter that phone number on any forms you come across in future. Just think, if everyone fillede in any forms they came across and entered Tanya's number onto the form, she could inundated with calls forever more. Seems like justice to me.

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    Yea, I've reported it to the Irish domain registry and they in turn are taking it up with appropriate UK authority. I'll post more here when I find out the name of the UK Authority. I also passed on phone numbers - same as Roy6812 mentioned but with different female name and different extension. It's best for more people to report them.

    I found it an ugly and unnecessarily stressful experience.

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    I found this board after receiving a call to my place of work in Iceland this morning from Profile business services, urgently letting me know that a certain Mr. M. Marshall had an immediate application in to register various variations of our company’s domain name.

    I was asked if a 3rd party possessing these names could be potentially damaging to us. I stated they might be and was then transferred to the "Legal" department and spoke with a Susan Mathews. Susan told me that this application was in and that they noticed that there may be a conflict with our existing domains. She also stated they spoke with "Mr. Marshall " and that he told them it was none of their business what he was going to do with the domain. Susan then stated that they could deny his application and sell me various variations on my company’s domain name and that this would cost me 800 GBP.

    I asked for this offer in writing which she said was not possible. I asked for a number to call her back at and she gave me + 44 870067 5527. This number does not answer but if you use the extension 156 that is stated in the previous post you do get an operator who did say that there was a Susan Mathews who worked there in the “Legal” department but that she was unavailable.

    This whole thing is obviously a scam, but it did have me a bit concerned initially until she wouldn’t sent me a formal offer in an email explaining the situation. To the UK members on here, whom do I contact in the UK to register a complaint? I can completely see how someone may be fooled by this to buy domains that they do not need.

    The scam artist’s webpage here



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