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    Hi, Im new to this site. I recently got my own webpage and I am wondering if anyone knows which is best for email, Horde, Squirrelmail, or Roundcube? And why

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    There isn't really one correct answer. I would really recommend trying out each one, and then deciding which one that YOU like best. However, if you are running some sort of web hosting company (it doesn't sound like you are, but just in case) you would probably want to put more than one, because different people like different interfaces. SquirrelMail seems to get right down to the point with no flashy interfaces, Horde has somewhat of a nicer interface and RoundCube uses AJAX and a nicer interface to attract people. It's just a matter of preference, because from what I've experienced they all get the job done.
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    Thank you. Im not hosting my own webhosting company but I am looking for something I can use with autoresponders. I'll have to check them all out. Thanks. That and ease of use is what I am looking for the most.

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    I would recommend Horde but then again I add all my mail boxes to Outlook for convenience. Any host would be able to offer you a plan that has autoresponders, forwarders etc.
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    it seems on line ;)
    I have used Horde and Squirrelmail and have not found important differences.
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    Thank you. That is very helpful. Im definately new to most of this.

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    I prefer roundcube, just because the Ajax , otherwise, the functionality of all them is very similar.
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