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    EuroVPS quote - does this make sense?

    I am planning to move from shared (high profile) to a VPS in Europe, and I mailed the EuroVPS sales team asking for info, and

    To my question

    I would like to buy one of your plans, I am a reseller but with medium-high requirements
    for one of my sites (a really busy forum: 500k messages, 5k users), so I am thinking to
    get on of your reseller plans or a VPS with Cpanel option

    Considering this,

    a) Is it better to buy a reseller plan (reseller oriented) or a VPS (performance
    oriented) plan? With a VPS plan with Cpanel and WHM, do I have full reseller features?
    They replied

    Our FreeBSD UNIX reseller plans offer excellent performance, and will be a good match for your high load site, especially due to the offloaded MySQL on clustered system. It will be faster than a VPS, as I say the MySQL database are not used on the same WWW server,
    Does this make sense?
    What's your advise?

    Thanks in advance!

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    It makes sence. If you have a VPS they are saying MySQL will normally run on your VPS with all your websites taking up resources. On their reseller they say they run their MySQL on seperate servers which means that you website would be faster
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    so if a need a good performance for one of my high loaded sites (massive use of SQL resources) then should I get the first option instead of the VPS one?


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    Yes that might be a better way to go. MySQL can be quite RAM and cpu intensive and as it sounds, they've developed a system to offload MySQL processing onto its own system separate of the web server. Now that doesnt mean that the backend MySQL server wont slow down... if its overloaded, it could be slow. Generally speaking, this type of setup would likely suit you better than say a 384 or 512MB VPS, especially if all you are doing is running a few web sites.

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