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    Video card recommendation, anyone?


    I have found out that my videocard is actually only 64MB. I want to upgrade, what are your recommendations as to the MB's and the videocard brand?

    Thank you very much.

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    Hi there, your going to have to know what kind of video cards your computer supports such as PCI, AGP, PCI-eX.

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    If you're into gaming, and have a large budget (around $600), go for the new DirectX10 8800GTS/GTX.

    If not, I'd go for the 256MB 7600GT or 7900GT.

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    The WHOLE video card thing is going to change big time when DX10/HD/Vista is out.

    If your looking to stay with APG/PCI pick up a gforce 5200 or around that area.
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    i would greatly suggest on ATI X1900XTX
    its even overkilled at some points Geforce 8800
    But its much cheaper and working perfect

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    There's no point, DX10 is out, it'd be a waste buying a good card, that's outdated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joshcrick
    There's no point, DX10 is out, it'd be a waste buying a good card, that's outdated.
    More of a waste to drop $450 or $650 on a first generation video card.

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    Few things:

    1. Whats your Budget
    2. Specs of the rest of your, mobo, ram, cpu, screen reso...
    3. What things do you do, that needs a new, working with 3D applications
    4. Where do you live in the world.
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    I for one have the 7950GX2 video card for pci express and totally love it. Unfortunatly is will set you back around $500, but am glad I purchased it. I love to game when Im not working with clients and this card by far is the best one I have ever seen or used.

    I havent used the new generation 8800's yet, but am looking to test drive one soon.

    After guessing that you are only running a 64Mb a video card, that could mean two things. you have an older pc where you will most likly need to get a agp video card or you have a new pc with stock parts.

    Let us know the brand and model number and we here at the community will throw in our suggestions. Also don't forget to give us your price range, and what you mainly use the pc for.


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