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    Transferring Hosts, nameservers help?

    Hi All,

    I have some domains hosted with host 1, in USA.
    I have my own nameserver pointing to their nameservers.
    e.g. -->
    ns2. etc etc
    ns3. etc etc
    ns4. etc etc

    If i now want to host some DIFFERENT domains in Europe, can i just assign ns5 & ns6 to point to my new Host's nameservers?

    e.g. --> host2 ns1. ip --> host2 ns2. ip

    Hope that makes sense.

    Or is it the old case of totally deleting my orinial ns records at the registrar, and adding new ip's for HOst 2.

    Or using a different domain name, and ns setup.

    i.e. --> host2. ns1. ip

    Hope the above makes sense, thanks for your help.



    Cloudy England.

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    This way if you stay with your old host and singup to another hostprovider:

    OLD HOST: -> ->

    NEW HOST: -> ->

    This way if you move from OLD host to NEW HOST: -> ->

    Other option:
    You can modify your OLD DNS ns1 and ns2 and point to new IP -> ->

    Good Look
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