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    Advice on seedbox providers

    Hey guys! =)

    Thanks for providing me with an excellent forum on webhosting! =)

    I have a question about seedboxes, I'm looking for a cheap and torrentfriendly provider NOT located in the US. Preferably Holland since its the most liberal country I know of and also located very central.
    I'll be using this service to boost my upload ratio on private torrent sites.
    Preferably with 100mbit upload speed.

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post a question like this, but I think its the most accurate one to my knowledge after searching your forum topics, if not, I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

    Your answers on the matter would be greatly appreciated. =)



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    Zewlz, welcome to WHT! Hoe gaat het?

    Hrmm, the hosts I know that allow torrent hosting are mostly US / Canadian based. Hopefully, someone here could help you with your search.
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    Thanks for the welcome and the reply, appreciate that.
    However I did my own research today and decided to go with LeaseWeb.

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    Great choice, I know many torrenters who use LeaseWeb and are happy

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