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    What's difference between "name servers" and "domain hosts"?

    i don't know if i've asked this question right, but for example i have domains in note: "mydomain" refers to the domain name i bought...

    in the config of the domain i can modify either the "Host Summary" they call it which reads:

    Last Updated: 11/29/2006

    Last Updated: 11/29/2006

    then there is the "Name Server" section which reads:

    i'm confused which one is the important one. some domain hosting companies only let you fill in 1 of these. so what's the point of having NS1.MYDOMAIN.COM when i can just have the IP there

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    The first allows you to match a nameserver with an ip address (say to register a nameserver)

    The second part allows you to choose which nameservers you use (those nameservers should already be registered)

    Does that make things clearer ?

    I agree this can be confusing at the beginning.
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