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    new namecheap user confused 11-30-06

    Is there anybody good left in the world? Am i that good at domain speculation?

    In the early hours of Wednesday 11-29-06 I got inspired and wanted to register a couple of new domains. Anyone can search my name here on webhostingtalk and see why I might want to have a back up registrar to registerfly.

    So I decide to test out a new registrar with these new domains and pick namecheap. At about 1:27:22 AM I sign up for an account, use the same card I use for everything and register 2 domains, a .us and .mobi.. Connect them to my hosting and check everything out which was fine, names were resolving, whois showed my information. Confirmation emails in my inbox. Later on namecheap blacked out for a while but came up for me not too long after.

    As I was tending to other business throughout the day, I periodically logged in the namecheap account to get a feel for the interface.

    At around 9:50pm the same night I receive an email.

    From : NAMECHEAP.COM <[email protected]>
    Sent : Wednesday, November 29, 2006 9:50 PM
    To : <myemail>
    Subject : NAMECHEAP.COM order (my ip, account name and some code) has been canceled

    Order (my ip, account name and some code) has been canceled.
    The credit card transaction involved with this order has been canceled.

    Thatís all the email said.

    I try to login to my namecheap account and receive this message

    Unable to login
    For security reasons, this account has been locked due to too many failed login tries. The user name will be enabled after 12/12/2099 EST. If you think this is an error please email us using the same email address currently on your account to have your account enabled.

    What? Even if locking out is a safety feature why the email canceling my transaction? I truly hope no one did such a thing.

    I have sent the emails to their support. they don't have a phone?
    I have tried to PM the member enetwork but he is not allowing PMs

    Looks like this test isnít going so good. Called my bank my card is fine. Money was shown to have been deducted and not in my available balance. The names are not resolving to my webhost now. This is clearly a mistake and I hope my domains are intact. They are on namecheap parking pages now. Somebody speak to me.

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    What does the whois lookup say? You better send them an email asap using the same email address as that currently in your account.
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    Actually, this looks like our fraud department placed a hold on your account for some reason. Unfortunately our fraud department is only available during normal U.S. business hours.

    If you send an email to our support and address it "attention Richard Kirkendall" I can look into this beforehand and give you some further details on the situation.
    Richard Kirkendall

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    My domains are back in my possession. No fraudster here, now or ever.

    Iíll recount the events for others planning to start a new account at namecheap and the possibility of what they might experience.

    I opened a new account and made a simple purchase of 2 domains, a .us and .mobi. I was soon after locked out of my account and sent emails from namecheapís fraud department that my order had been canceled with no given apparent reason. Thinking back on that night that it happened, I received a phone call late at night with a blank number that I didnít answer and within minutes of each other my account was locked. There is an answering machine but no message was left. Confirmation with my bank verified that nothing was out of the ordinary.

    I emailed them back from the same email that is in my account along with my contact information per their instructions. Namecheap support replied that they needed to confirm recent transactions with me and asked for my contact information again, and now along with a time I would be available to be called. In my reply I gave my contact information again and then waited for their phone call. I must screen calls so I asked that their phone number be unrestricted so that I may see it.

    The next day, I received a call with a blank number again and luckily, decided to pick it up anyway. Indeed, it did turn out to be namecheap. The representative sounded laid back and friendly and told me that they have been having a lot of fraudulent transactions and only needed to phone me once to confirm a new account. I had never heard of anyone doing it that way before.

    He then proceeded to unlock my account and asked that I log in and add funds to my account in the same amount that my original purchase was.

    I was worried that I shouldnít have to do that since I have already paid and the information was already there. I didnít want any problem with being double charged or the original purchase mistakenly being chargedback and I made that very clear. He told me that it was all right and that the original purchase was just canceled as stated in my email and that the transaction would just not go through. Fair enough, I input my card information again and added the funds and my domains appeared in my account. I hope I do not get double charged or that the original purchase is not chargedback. Time will tell on that one.

    It does concern me though that with no strange or differing contact and account information and absolutely no signs of fraudulent activity, like foreign ips, one can have their purchase canceled first, account locked and domains taken. One then has to be swift enough to verify their information with a company that already has that information but has no reachable phone number, no number on caller id and leaves no messages, or else namecheap would get to keep the domains that were registered. A bit like shooting first and asking questions later.

    It also concerns me that a company with no phone can use the word fraud so easily in regards to any issue. How about risk department or verification department? It might be better public relations since those that are just being verified and those that are true frauds donít get grouped under the same umbrella all the time.

    To their credit, they were about as fast as I was in dealing with this issue, which was immediately. I thank them for that and am very impressed. They were reasonably responsive in both email and they did call, although having a number on caller id or leaving messages is pretty standard in todayís business world. They also ďheldĒ the domains so after I added the funds they were available immediately.

    Since I was told this would only happen once to confirm a new account Iím satisfied with that answer.

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