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    Dedicated Server

    New Server Offer

    AMD Tbird 1400
    512 Ram (upgrade available to 1GB for $150)
    20GB HD (upgrade available to 40GB $100)
    4 available IP's (more with justification at $2 each per month)

    Ensim 3.1 Control Panel

    300GB bandwidth (bandwidth upgradeable and sold in 300GB at a time for $99/month)

    0 setup fee.
    $139 per month

    We can arrange ensim 3.1 to be removed no problem any other control panel is at your own cost though.

    Bandwidth is Cogent and Level3

    Uptime is 99.8%
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    Let's see...

    1) Who are the bandwidth providers?
    2) Is this also available without Ensim (I run LS 3.1 on a server at the moment and it keeps screwing everything up)?
    3) Uptime guarentee?

    Think that covers most of the missing info that would be of intrest to people.

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