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    Exclamation Bliksemhosting Update - burnt X 2

    Javier Vidueira seems to have ripped off another bunch of clients earlier.
    I've been digging and digging and digging around and just found out that is actually the SECOND hosting company that Jav had.
    Using the wayback machine (*/ you can see that the original was
    Certainly this preditor thinks he's slick enough to rip off wave after wave of people and the third wave will be
    I emplore all of you that have been ripped off by Jav, Christina, Monty, and Frankie to help me raise a riot with all of his business partners.
    For instance, I noticed that he PROUDLY displays that he's recieved an editors choice award from "WEBHOST MAGAZINE & BUYER'S GUIDE", so I wrote them a letter using their contact form.
    I am telling you all of this to prevent people from thinking this company is safe based on your award.
    Your may 2005 editors choice award for resellers should be updated to reflect the current actions/activities of Javier Vidueira - Owner of BliksemHosting. (

    There's way too mutch to tell here, but you can visit and see all the recent complaints about Bliksem. Everything from yelling at his clients to illegaly charging peoples credit cards for thousands of dollars.
    Javier shut down the help desk a month ago and referred people to use the billing help dask. Then he shut that down too.
    He killed all the email accounts for support.
    He shut down the phone.
    THEN just to make everybody want to wring his neck, he opened another hosting company!!! (
    SO, I did a whole lot of digging and the things I've found out are sickening. It seems that Bliksemhosting is actually the 2nd time he's done this exact same thing.
    The original was
    Please don't ignore my plea for preventing people from getting robbed.

    Other Companies that I plan on contacting include:
    The Planet datacenter
    Liquid Web
    Demo Wolf
    USA Box ( Very sick and twisted business used to hide people

    Also a very important place:
    The Internet Crime Complaint Center
    The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C).
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    I had looked at bliksemhosting once because of their pricing, but after reading in WHT. decided their name should perhaps be bilksemhosting.

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    I'm filing as well...

    Can anybody track this guy down?

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    I am not too sure about the story did he just shut everydown and left?
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    I think we shouldn't worry though. At the rate Jav's going, he's digging his own grave anyway.

    But yeah, if there's something I can contribute to stop him from doing it again and again to others, I'm willing to chime in. I'll probably send a note to as well, not that they're reputable to start with.

    The first step for anyone still a Bliksem customer is to get out and move on. Cut your losses.

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