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    Get a chance to win a car? Okay! hah

    I saw this while browsing DP,

    "Help Me Buy A Car" Is currently a site where Daniel Fischer is asking for donations to help him get a car. The catch is those who donate get to sponsor their site with a graphic and a text-link.

    But there is also a chance for other people to win a car! After Daniel gets his car, he's going to sponsor someone else with the following requirements for a submission:

    * A video describing why you feel you should be featured on Help Me Buy a Car!
    * An introduction to who you are.
    * Two-to-four paragraphs why you need a car.
    * Pictures to be shown if featured.

    That's not bad! I may actually participate. Anyway just wanted to spread the word

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    What kinda car?

    I've got a $500 beater that I'll give to someone if I can get one of my sites enough publicity to afford a car.
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