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    Need help buying webhosting

    Can some one recomend me a good webhosting company that can support an auction site.
    We have an auction site that we would like to host. We are on blue host but would like to move from there because they have a CPU usage restriction. We got the error as "You have exceeded the maximum CPU usage" when as many as 300 people were trying to bid at the same time during the end of the auction.


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    What's your current disk space and bandwidth usage so we can better recommend you a host that suits your needs?
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    Need help buying Webhosting

    Disk space usage is 250 MB.

    Bandwidth per month is : 2 GB

    Bandwidth during the peak hour is: 400 MB

    Visitors during the peak hour is approx: 1000

    Nearly 300-500 users bid at the time the auction closes.
    The scripts take less than a second to execute.

    We were on Yahoo previously and we did not have any problem.
    We moved to blue host because of the email restrcition in Yahoo.

    During the last two seconds when the auction was about to close, everyone recieved this error:
    "This Account Has Exceeded Its CPU Quota".

    I contacted bluehost and they said:
    "The policy is the limit on cpu usage is 20 processes at any given time and the cpu quota on scripts is 30 seconds of cpu time. Also if a script is taking up more than 20% of the server resources at one time it will give you that error. It's also possible that a script on your account is not terminating properly."

    Is there any company , other than Yahoo that does not have this restriciton.
    Thanks for your help.

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    You may need to think about moving to a VPS host, since a lot of shared hosting providers don't like having accounts which use up a lot of their server's CPU :/

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    Will VPS host fis my problem. If so, Can you tell me some providers that provide the service.

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    Will VPS host fis my problem.
    Maybe, maybe not. 300 users online can mean a lot of CPU usage, depending on the efficiency of the script you're using. A small VPS might not cope with the load. You don't really know until you test it.

    Spend some time readign threads here: You'll soon have the names of a few reputable VPS providers on your list.

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    You're definately in the dedicated server territory here... there aren't going to be any basic shared webhosting plans that can keep up with your demands, and I'd wager that most VPS plans would not meet your needs either.

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    If you are looking for a VPS provider, I would highly recommend or, can't go wrong with either company
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    I think you'd probly be able to get away with a non oversold host as far as cpu restrictions go. Once they overload their servers they have to set limitations to cover themselves.

    If you are going the VPS, I would suggest theyre affordable & fully managed. - Gameing discussion, arcade, all around good fun

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    If you are looking to go for your first VPS/dedicated please make sure that you do get a server that is fully managed so they can look after security etc. HAving a control panel on a server doesn't give much, if any security, and you would do well to hire a 3rd party to secure the box
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    Before bluehost , we were on Yahoo which was also a shared server but we did not have any problem at that time although on Yahoo it was a bigger auction and many people bidded than on blue host. The reason we moved to blue host is because of the email restriction on Yahoo.

    I also saw the cpu_exceeded_logs on that day and the time the each script took to run was less than a second. I contacted the bluehost help center and they said that because many people were using the site at the same time so the error appeared. I asked them how many users will they support at one time. They said to me that if the scripts take less than a second to run then even 200 users will not cause any problem. When I told them that it scripts take less than a second to run they started telling that the site used 20% od CPU and were not clear in their explanation.

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