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    C++ programmer offering free service.

    I am a C++ programmer offering free PHP, mySQL coding. I haven't had a firm grip on scripting in PHP and would like to get experience scripting in this language. I offer this because I have plenty of free time.

    The script must not be overkill because I'm a beginner in PHP. The allotted time for doing the script will be 2-4 weeks.

    Please feel free to drop an email to mlchaei [at] hotmail [dot] com. This is only done to build future references when applying for other projects.

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    I'm looking for a gallery sort of idea please email me @ support AT

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    I'm looking tohave a small gallery done. Please write to me at KristienNichols @ and I can talk to you more about it.

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    send email, hope you will turn back to us My offer is a paid one to make a new one encoruge with these jobs.


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