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    Control Panel : Ensim 3.1 in spanish?

    Hi all...
    I'm just delayed a lot cause this issue...
    Did anyone have Ensim 3.1 translated into spanish ?
    I want to have my own server BUT in my own lang. (yes, I know plesk already have a spanish pack... but plesk cost more $$ )
    I can anyway take the hard work of translate all the ensim ... but for example the "help" is .pyc !!! compiled so! ... What kind of template system is it ? that have compiled things??

    I've talked with one at Ensim ... and say that :
    Our software is I18N compliant, providing the ability to be translated to any language. At this time, Ensim is supporting a few languages, there are partners out there doing translations to other languages. You have the capability to do this. I believe there are a few partners working on Spanish at this time, they may choose to share the code with Ensim which we would then share with others.

    mm... a few languages ? .... just TWO! ...
    mm... anyway, I cant translate compiled things...

    So... there are someone that already translated it ?
    I mean... with so much servers around ... all ensim 3.1's are in english ? ...

    Thanks for your help.
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    The new version has German and English options.
    The user chooses which language from the log in screen.

    Presumably they will build in Spanish when it is finished.
    SPanish is a very common language in many countries
    so they will need to do this to increase sales.

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    Para espanol tenes que usar Sphera, el "web site owner" soporta espanol i muchas lenguas mas.

    (and for those who don't speak Spanish--For Spanish, you should try Sphera. Their site owner control panel supports Spanish and a lot of other languages.)

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