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    Site Review
    I have been in the business of wbehosting for about a year, and I want to know what you think of my site. All links should be working except the ones on the design page, that link to my portfolio. The portfolio sample can be viewed at

    I am also fixing the "GET STARTED NOW" option in the flash banner, so please don't tell me about that. Otherwise, feel free to critique.

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    First one here ... Actually I like your site, a light design, well done!

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    The design is pretty clean yet resembles a template very closely. Oddly close for a personal design. I generally don't like the use of stock images on the hosting and contact pages as it appears to make things a bit unprofessional looking and too generic. But that is just my opinion of course. Wish you the best on the site.

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    What design is it closely related to?

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    Ok well to be honest with you, in my opinion I really don't like the flash headers and nav for hosting sites its is just too common and well too flash...excuse the pun
    and you can tell that it has been edited, by the text (looks pixelated and not sharp).I know people like to think whistles and bells is essential, but its not I personally wouldn't choose a webhost because of the amazing flash header..

    I do however like the content bit nice light and professional looking and not too many intruding smiley happy people on laptops...

    I also like the bottom footer bar nice contrasting and cool..

    I hope you can take something constructive from my review.. - Image Hosting -

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