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    buying brand servers..

    I have heard a few things about Dell that their designs mean you can only put dell hard drives / ram etc in their servers if a component fails..

    this is obviously a bad thing if its true, but is it?

    We dont want to invest thousands of pounds in servers from Dell if it means we have to go to Dell every time we need a part.

    Could someone who knows about this sort of thing explain it to me? and if you dont reccomend Dell, which company do you sudgest we buy servers from?



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    Well, certain parts of the system (ie: the main backplane/ motheboard) are very specific to a dell system; however, disk drives etc.. I've never had an issue buying them from my own suppliers when a system has gone out of warranty.

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    ram, cpu and hard drives can be bought anywhere. However, there are some peculiarities. For example, in some servers like their lowerend tower servers (maybe their higher end ones too?), you need to get additional parts when you add a cpu like a VRM chip, their shroud assembly for proper airflow and their heatsink/fan to work with their shroud assembly.

    We had a problem before where only dell hard drives would work in their blade servers for raid. Non-raid you could use any hard drives. But a bios update fixed that issue.
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    On the upside, when you have a part failure IN WARRANTY Dell is VERY GOOD about getting new parts out to you. Their support is excellent. Where as it may not be with Joe Bob's Server Builders.

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