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    PHP/SQL JOB : Simple Project Manager

    what I do:
    I hire programmers to code scripts for me.

    What I need:
    A simple script that will let me manage projects with individual coders. So then I can login, see the project and the status of it.

    Brief Overview:
    The admin (myself) will login. Then I will create a user account for a coder and I will email them the details. Now I will add a project to the system and give that coder access. I will put the title and description of the project and add modules to it. Now the coder can login and see a project list ( only projects he has access to) and clicks ont he project and sees the title, desc, and modules. When he clicks on a module he can edit the details of the module. He will set the percentage ( pull down box 0%, 55, 10%, 15%,....95%, 100%) it is complete, and write info in the notes box then save.

    Admin Panel Features:
    - admin can create accounts ( username and password)
    - admin can add a project
    - admin can choose which users have access to the project
    - add modules to each project

    Coder Admin Panel
    - see projects
    - see modules of each project
    - edit status of each module

    +Coder Accounts Needs+

    +Projects Need+
    name of project
    start date ( mktime)
    target date
    coder(s) allowed to access project
    notes for admin
    notes for coder

    +Module Needs+
    id of the project its attached to
    module name
    module percent complete
    module notes

    This should give anyone a good idea of what I am looking for. I do not need nay graphics of fancy layout done. Just simply organized with plain HTML tables will be fine.

    I would expect this should only 3-4 hours to make. There is nothing fancy but getting info, and saving in the DB. I would expect this would cost $125 or so to make. I would be willing to pay extra to anyone willing to add extra features or make it work smoother than just being rough and basic.

    Please provide your price quotes, links to website, contact details, links to past clients or anything else you can provide. Either post here or PM me directly.

    If you have any questions, please contact me.
    Adrian K. - Turnkey PHP Scripts with PayPal IPN

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    Please Check your inbox sent PM.

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    Sent PM. Thanks

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    MMM, to my mind for 3-4 hours it wil lbe draft. 10-15 to create good looking and working system. $200 is my price. Ready to discuss.
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    Coders found. I have found 5+ coders that have contacted me. Thank you everyone.
    Adrian K. - Turnkey PHP Scripts with PayPal IPN

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    I would like to work with you on this, sounds very promising.

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