We are looking to switch our hosting company and one option we're evaluating is web.com. The main reason we want to switch companies is because we are very frustrated and disappointed with our current provider's level of support. This means not only responsiveness but also level of knowledge. They provide bad advice that leads to lost time and money on our part, don't acknowledge when they have made a mistake and critical issues will remain outstanding for months because each time we speak to someone about it we get a different answer and false promises. Escalating the issues also doesn't lead to resolution but more run around. The point of this long introduction is to explain why we are so sensitive about the level of support we will expect from our next hosting company.

web.com has a $14.95 plan that fits our bandwidth and storage needs and it appears they have a good client base. I also know that they outsource their support, which is a little concerning. Has anyone out there used them? If so, can you please share your first-hand experiences with their customer support? Were they responsive, knowledgeable and profeessional?

I realize we're not going high end with a $14.95 plan but there is a minimum level of expertise and professionalism that is expected. I appreciate your comments on this matter.