Hey all,

I thought I'd share this as there seems to be enough people complaining either ligitimately or out of stupidity about their server provider that I would post a THUMBS UP to one of ours!

Yesterday we had a DNS server go down and we submitted a ticket for a reboot ( LT does not have remote reboot yet :-( ) We submitted the ticket at 02:40PM CST and it was responded to at 02:43PM CST saying the next tech would handle it and then it was updated at 02:44PM CST saying that it was in progress. The server was up just a few minutes after that update and then a confirmed final update from LT after their tests at 03:10PM CST

All in all the server was down less than 5 - 7 minutes. I was impressed with this speed since some of my past experiences with LT reboots was not quick.

So, that said, to LayeredTech on this one!