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    Searching for dedicated servers in safe harbor list

    Hi all,

    First of all, excuse my poor english but I usually only read english, don't write.

    Well, here we go... I'm from spain and here we have really strict laws concerning the personal data protection. Here, all the companies who rent dedicated servers are really, really expensive, and the services offered aren't impressive.

    With our laws, we only can rent servers in European or USA companies (in the USA case, have to be included on the "Safe Harbor List").

    Now we're searching for a good company who rent us one or more dedicated servers, and if possible we're looking for a recomendation from any user of this forum. We only need this things:
    1. The company must be the owner of the datacenter where the racks are in. Please avoid the resellers.
    2. In case of a USA company, it must be in the Safe Harbor List provided in this link:
    3. We have a sysadmins team so the management isn't necesary.

    Thanks you all for your comments, and please, excuse me for my english again.

    See U!

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    Your link did not come through for the Safe Harbour List.

    This is due to you don't have enough posts to post a URL.

    Can you space out the URL so we can assist you with this? Such as this: http:// webhostingtalk [dot] com

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    Or you could just do a quick google search for it... is what i could find using just a few seconds, excuse me if it's not the right link jockah, and best of luck with your server hunt...

    Btw, is european based, and though a little expensive, is worth a look
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    Ops! I forget the link to the safe harbor list. Sorry guys and really thanks for the quickly answer.

    If anyone more knows another good company listed, please tell me!!

    See u and thxs again.

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    If you have your own sysadmin team a place like (located in Copenhagen, Denmark) where you get reset, recovery and OS reload features via the automated CP leaving the rest of the management to yourself.

    I have good experience myself with My 3010 server has been running without and problems for months. I appreciate the no nonsense TOA, and the fact that I can operate my server as if it was located right next to me via the CP.

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    5,778 is a US safe harbor host.

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    For the record, you English is better than a lot of people on here, I can read it very easily.

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