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Thread: Apache Problem

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    Apache Problem

    Hi all,

    I have a server with Cpanel.I am using AWBS and some of my customers are using VBulletin or MyBB forum scripts.

    Last night i tried to update apache.Then when i tried to open my AWBS site i saw a blank page.Then they said that i must have curl installed.Then i rebuilt apache by selecting curl but now i still cannot access my awbs page and also some of the forums doesnt work.When i visit the AWBS page i see a blank white page and when i try to visit the forums,if i try via internet explorer,it starts to download something or if i try via firefox it shows a page like this.

    Where is the problem?

    Apache is working fine now.But i have problems with the forums and AWBS.

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    I fear php is screwed up. Did you check a phpinfo?
    Did you take backups of before rebuilding it? Any way, have a look at phpinfo, it will throw some light.
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    might need to reinstall zend as well - if the php page needs it and its not on the server it'll output that sort of code to the browser. If its simply trying to download then you'd have a problem with your PHP and need to recompile it.

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