So... here's what happened.

I was in bed, sleeping, or trying to, when all the sudden there was a knock at the door.

I got up, asked who it was, and a raspy voice replied "You know very well who I am."

And... suddenly, I did. So, I opened the door, and let the Devil in.... because it helps the story.

The Devil was much taller than I, probably a good foot and a half over my head, and he leaned waaaaaay down, and asked me, "There is one thing you want in life, more than anything, isn't there?"

"Sure," I said, "who doesn't have one thing they want more than anything else?"

And to that, the Devil snorted, "Hah! Just as I'd suspected. You are only human, after all! And what would you give to get that wish?"

"Why don't we just skip the pretence," I said, "and get down to business. I know it's my soul you're after."

At that, the devil let out a belowing laugh, and then, he surprised me.

"Trading for souls is such an old game... why don't we try a new one?"

Interested... I asked him to continue.

"I will help you make your business wildly successful, but first, you must prove you are worth my time. For the next week, I will do everything in my power to make sure nobody signs up with your company, and if you can still get 10 signups, you can keep your soul, and we'll meet again later. If you don't... YOUR SOUL IS MINE!"

So... the game is on. We have 7 days to get 10 signups. And, he did say they had to be PAYING signups, so we can't take the easy way out... but he didn't say we couldn't run discounts!

So for the next 7 days, anyone who signs up for our Basic hosting package, can get two months for $2! That's right, two months of WebOnce, for just two dollars.

Just a reminder, here's the particulars of our Basic plan!

Basic Hosting Package
1500 GB Disk Space
20 GB Data Transfer
1 Addon Domain
100 Email Accounts
50 Email Lists
10 Databases
5 FTP Accounts

Only $2 for the first two months!
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If you're looking for a bigger package, just let me know personally, and I can give you a similar deal ($3 for 2 months on the Plus package, $4 for 2 months on the Pro-Basic, so on and so forth).

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And, guys... and gals, thanks again. I don't want to lose my soul. I appreciate the support.

These accounts are set up on a server running PHP4/PHP5 and MySQL 5.0