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    lame server resolving

    Nov 29 04:52:44 alexandria46 named[6589]: lame server resolving '' (in 'domain.NET'?): 65.109.2

    this log keeps appearing in my /var/log/messages


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    That means lame nameserver is resolving issue that the domain is not using authoritative nameservers. Change the DNS nameservers might help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TRIBOLIS
    Change the DNS nameservers might help.
    I doubt that very much. It means that the registered nameservers for a host or domain are either not reachable or not properly configured. In other words, it's not your DNS that's misconfigured; it's somebody else's.

    You will see this under numerous circumstances, especially if your DNS servers deny recursion (which is a very good idea). It might be someone trying to send UCE to (a) valid email account(s) on your host, and exim is trying to look up the sending host to verify it's a mail server and not just some PC in Belize or Yugoslavia.

    I can reproduce this problem by entering 'host ***********' in a linux shell.

    Nov 29 09:12:01 server3 named[7478]: lame server resolving '***********' (in '***********'?):
    Nov 29 09:12:01 server3 named[7479]: lame server resolving '***********' (in '***********'?):
    Note: the '***********' above represents a real domain with valid WHOIS records, but I have obfuscated the domain name to maintain confidentiality.

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