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    Man hides in box;robs Kmart of $80,000

    Making like The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, a man hid inside a furniture box
    at Kmart until closing time and, according to police, swept the jewelry department nearly clean of merchandise early yesterday.

    But it wasn't a sentimental change of heart that foiled this heist. [more]
    ...Home News Tribune

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    There's nothing they could've done to avoid that...

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    They could not leave empty boxes lying around the shop floor for people to climb into...

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    I saw this in an episode of "Master Minds" on court tv. Best show in the world. Anyways guy is a convict and stays at a toys'r'us for a long time. This isn't something new. I bet most get away and stay only a short time.

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    No one is going to stay at my Toys 'R Us. 10 of us patrolling the floor
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    It is a smart idea for him to stop running to walk so that he can get caught by the cop. If he have kept running, maybe they would not have caught him. He is very smart enough to prevent the store from increasing it prices to cover it 'what would have been it NET LOSS'.
    When someone shoplift, the prices go up to cover the cost of the missing item.

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    I am sure Kmart will be a lot smarter about checking the store when they close down for the night.
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    The story of the Walmart Box will be told thousands of years from now much like the Trojan Horse we hear about today.
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