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    Quick Softwares for Your Windows PC & Hosting Purposes would like to sell SPECIAL user & distribution/resell licenses for a few of its products.

    2Kul DataSync 2007

    Ever wanted to backup files from one place to another, but wanted it to be automated depending on when the files are modified and updated?
    2Kul's DataSync uses state of the art "Real-Time Checking" to determine when your files are modified and will duly do a backup over to the destination network or folder. This software is 100% reliable and helps you keep track of backing up and syncing your imporant updated data. So you never have to worry about backing up files each time or having old files backed up repeatedly. DataSync 2007 is Windows 95+ Compatible.

    2Kul QuickSite Editor 2007

    Our HTML Multi-page Editor is the quickest and easiest web site editor. Using small and precise coding, this software is small and easy to use. It may look small and scanty but at times of quick editing and quick page fixes and modifications we rate this a perfect Quick Webediting tool. QuickSIte Editor 2007 is Windows 95+ Compatible.

    2Kul ICE - Internet Cleaning Express 2007
    Microsoft Internet Explorer® is the most common used browser in the world. If you are a user of it, then it makes sense to keep it clean and running well. This program quickly and easily cleans the history, typed urls, cookies, temporary internet files and even has some misc options to speed up your web browsing experience. 2Kul ICE is probably the quickest and easiest way to cleaning your internet usage tracks. We noticed a web acceleration in surfing speed upto 44x times than without its tweaks and cleanups. Clearly ICE 2007 is what you need for a safe, secure and speedy internet experience. ICE works with IE 5.0+.

    2Kul File-Splitter 2007
    A great tool for splitting files to fit onto floppy disks, compact disks, flash drives,etc. that cant fit the entire file on one destination source. Can't send a file through email without your Email timing out? Split it with File Splitter 2007 and send it in chunks. Advanced settings for splitting for floppies, small email, good size email and big files and custom sizes gives you the ability to create the chunks as you need them to fit them onto half-empty media sources, without having to delete other important information on media's already in use! Use each device to its last BYTE! After splitting you just click Join Files then choose one main file. This lets you gather all your chunks and re-assemble them into that one big file you needed! Using 2Kul File-Splitter 2007, The largest file is not so large anymore! File-Splitter 2007 is Windows 95+ Compatible

    2Kul Notes 2007
    Notes 2007 is an easy to use software for storing notes. You can create as many sections as you want, sections on html snipets, peoples contact details, or quick details copied from web sites or a quick reminder. The possiblities are endless.Add and remove folders and notes easily. 2Kul Notes is Windows 95+ Compatible

    2Kul Reminder 2007
    2Kul Reminder 2007 helps you remember important notes, appointments and to-do lists. Add tasks and remove tasks, tasks can contain notes, set a date when it's due along with priority. Reminder 2007 sits in the system tray out of the way while you continue with your usual work.Go ahead and print all the tasks out, auto saves and loads the list when you open and close the software. Add thousands of tasks and edit any task. Windows 95+ Compatible.

    2Kul Memory Optimizer 2007
    The long you use your computer before restarting, the more RAM used. Even if you don't use that software you were using an hour ago, it's still stuck up in your memory. Why have it in the quick-memory location when you'd rather put some important real-time program there! The ram becomes full and fragmented, now you can simply run this program to optimize your ram to make it run just like it was restarted. Memory Optimizer 2007 is Windows 95+ Compatible

    2Kul ScreenCapture 2007
    Screen Capture 2007 easily captures screenshots from your computer. Capture the last active screen, full screen or user selected area without seeing the mouse or our software in the way. Also number each picture consecutively and created .jpeg images. ScreenCapture 2007 makes it easy to quickly take photos of your desktop when you have issues and need to send it to someone to help you out with a quick-fix or if you want to point out something on your screen to someone else or just keep a visual "note" or "reminder". ScreenCapture 2007 is an amazing software that could be used for infinite reasons and saves you time of using text to explain something or the infamous Print Screen, Edit Section, Select, Copy and Paste and Save procedure. We make all of this a quick and simple task. Call it time saving, call it extraordinary or just call it 2Kul magic! Windows 95+ Compatible.

    2Kul Web-Catcher 2007

    2Kul Web-Catcher 2007 is a handy tool that lets you extract everything or just selected items off a website, or just the images, archive files or text files. Uses 2 concurrent threads for downloading items which makes it faster than a regular single thread download. Have you ever gone to a web site and loved it. Wanted to have a copy of it on your computer to browse or show your friends without the internet? Web-Catcher 2007 does pretty much what you need quickly. Using Dual Process Threading, the software connects to the web site or web information using "two virtual users" and grabs the files faster by doing the job of two users at the same time. Double the speed, Double the work done..Half the time. Windows 95+ Compatible.


    Features of 2Kul Softwares:
    Tested to work on Windows 95+. This includes Windows XP and Windows Vista.
    Each software is appx. 1MB in size or less.
    Software uses a very very low memory footprint which means high stability and reliability.
    Software was tested extensively before production and was developed at a standard.

    Licensing Process:

    Cost For ALL Software Bundle:

    $50 USD use as much as you want on Unlimited PCs in YOUR HOME/OFFICE

    $70 USD use as much as you want on Unlimited PCs ANYWHERE or RESELL under our company to your local town, city, state , country or anywhere or offer FREE. Pay us once and sell the software unlimited times to whoever you want at how much to recover costs and earn profits!


    Pay to:
    [email protected] (PAYPAL)
    [email protected] (MONEYBOOKERS)


    *No Demos will be provided since most of these programs hardly carry 1MB in size and run on 1 screen (no complexity) and seem basic but do your work super fast and super easy.

    * Programs have no installers and run by .exe so you can add your own installers if required for RESELL (under $40 license).

    * We do not offer rebranding services

    * Softwares tested on Windows 95+ (including Vista)

    * IF we find the 50$ licenses being sold on the internet or outside we will immediately take legal action. Its better to pay 70$ and get your company / name licensed as a Legal Seller to avoid future issues

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    You may read about the products on our site
    OR PM requests for screenshots, etc if required.

    Since there is 1 file alone (.exe) , there is no Shareware mode or trial mode nor any Security Protection on our software. HOWEVER, you are welcome to add your own upper branding (installers,etc) when you sell them (or provide them) as long as our software is untouched.

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    supper service good service....Number one

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    Thanks alot

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