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    Hello WHT community,

    You guys may know us as one of the premier Paid Forum Posting companies around. We are always looking for writers to help us pump up the forums that we are working on.

    We don't ask for much, just your free time when you're going to be online anyways, and correct usage of the English grammar.

    Our pay rate goes from $.10-$.20 a post, and we also have bonuses for those that do well. We also offer our writers additional income when we do signature advertising, press releases and more of that fun stuff.

    To apply you only need do two simple things:
    1) Go on our forum and fill out the job application that is located under the jobs topic.

    2) Make 5 sample posts in that same forum so that we can see what level of writing you are at.

    If you're hesitant, please learn more about both our business and about what our writers do at We have a thorough Q/A section that goes through most of it.

    It's that simple. Hope to see you soon.
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