i need a hardware expert in London (UK).
i am visiting the UK in the next two weeks to shop for 2 servers for my new company, i will buy racks from SuperMicro , plus CPU's , RAM, HD's.
i need some one to guide me to the best place's in london to buy from them (respectable, reliable shop's).
also i want him to assembl those hardware (install the CPU, Ram, HD etc..) and setup the box for using, then i will ship back to my country.
you MUST be expert in seting up this type of hardware, i am also a profisonal programer, but i dont trust my self on hardwares.
most likely we will go together to the shop.

here is the system that i will build:
AMD Server
with a 6GB Ram, Quad AMD CPU 2.0, and 2 SCSI HD.


Intel Server
with a 4GB Ram, Xeon-Dempsey 5050-Dual Core CPU 2.0, and 2 SCSI HD.

more details about hardware will be later.

i must say, you MUST be expert in setting up this type of hardware.
plz provide me with your experience in this type of work.