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    Thumbs up need money for you project ? Contact me!


    I did a lot of money on the web in the last couple years and now it's time for me to help people without money but with brain to realize their dream.

    You live somewhere in the world where it is very hard to do business in North America ? If i like your idea and I beleive in your skills I'll invest in your project! (Hosting, domain, payment processor, developpement, technical support, etc...)

    Before we start we will negociate a fixed percentage then we'll realize your dream.

    Send me a PM if you are interested.

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    I hope you do not take this the wrong way, but just to add some credibility to your post you may want to post a listing of some of your accomplishments, past companies, ventures, etc. This will make those contacting you sure that you are not just posting to "steal ideas" but interested in associating yourself business wise with motivated people while you back their ideas economically.

    I hope this post by no means is slanderous or denigrates the integrity of your original thread. I am just adding an opinion in helping you get some serious and motivated people to your thread.

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    Sent PM, please check it.
    liwiplus Team,
    The Support Sages

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