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    [NEED] IMail 250, 1000, or Unlimited License

    I have a dedicated box at CI Host. It appears that they have been using the same copy of Imail unlimited on all of their dedicated servers. There is a new SMTPd vulnerability for the version of Imail that is installed (8.15). The vulnerability allows the machine to be rooted simply by sending a malformed email to the box. It's happened twice today.

    The solution at CIHost is to use another mail program, MailEnable. That program won't meet our needs.

    I need a license for Imail 8.15 or newer (Imail will let me upgrade an 8.15 license to a version that can be patched) for 250 or more clients. I need the license quickly.

    If anyone has a license they are not using, I would very much like to buy it. I can't afford the pricing for their current version, but need to get my system secured.

    If you have a copy, please email me the details (version, users, cost) to marklyon at gmail dotcom.

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    I think that will be pretty hard to find but good luck.

    Very bad CI Host.
    Can't we all just get along

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    wow talk about open up information to everybody about how to hack a server which is running imail.

    would not it better to ensure this information is only broadcasted to imail owners and programmers.

    too often I see on forums people who are having troubles and only vultures hanging around to sell their own product, you not doing this now but honestly.

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    Two seconds and a google search will give you source code for not only the exploit, but the rootkit payload. In fact, I found the exploit code before I found discussion of the problem when searching on Google.

    It's beyond the "fix quietly" stage. Anyone who has 8.15 or earlier (some are immune due to weird happenstance) should upgrade now or discontinue use of iMail.

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    Got it. Thanks.

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