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    between these three

    All three of these VPS host look pretty good. Could anyone point me to the one they would choose? I'm am coming from Varhosting due to the terrible support, so support is pretty important to me. I'll need managed in any case.

    virpus, futurehosting, and ifasthosting.


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    See you're new to WHT, welcome. I chose iFastHosting, bought on Saturday and received it 2 hours after I ordered the VPS. It's very fast, and Ron is a very good guy to deal with. I chose DA at first but then realised it was pain to convert accounts from cpanel to it so he gladly changing my VPS to Cpanel without any hassle. I've only been here For around 4 days but during these 4 days they have been great setting me up for the months to come. I recommend you try them, test their 1-800 number if you would like to test support. Good luck.
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    thanks! Nothing like a first post asking the tough choices of which one to choose.

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    I'm having a very good experience with Futurehosting for some months.
    Very dedicated and flexible in support, always present to answer in 5 ~10 minutes average, it seems they're there competing for who will answer to you first, even at very late night I see someone there to answer.
    I pushed their patience hard for a couple of times (I can be hard to deal with sometimes), and they were always present, dedicated and kind people, one of the issues was somewhat difficult and took some time to figure out the problem, but all the time there was someone present, sometimes even more than one at the same time looking at the problem.
    My package was a $30 unmanaged VPS.

    One of the goodies they have and I didnt find in other hosts yet, is VPN access, quite usefull for me.
    They have a one-time-pay and cheap service to make your server secured with firewall, watchdogs, performance maintenance, brute-force and DoS prevention, everything installed and configured by them.

    Everything very good overall for such a cheap package. So far I'm very happy with them.
    I've never had any experience with any of the other two hosts, and I hope I will never need to find another host again, I've had too much bad experiences in the past with hosting.

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    thanks! I think futurehosting is the company I have decided on also. Although, I'm thinking I better go with the managed service.

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    Managed service is like insurance. Many people can administer a working, stable server. Unfortunately, when serious problems occur (and they will, always, given time), they don't have what it takes and get themselves deeper into trouble. Good administration may not (at first) seem like great value for money, but some day you'll be glad you spent the cash.

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    I highly recommend iFast Hosting.

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    I recently went with VPS Managed package starts at $34.95. I am new to the hole VPS thing and learing it. Vic over there has been awsome, live chat, and answers support tickets in 5 minutes. Set up, fast, very good support. Ask all your questions first, and see if you like it. I asked questions for a week, and waited for the sale on the VPS packages, and then signed up.

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