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    Best Server Management Software

    In everyones opinion what's the best server management server and why? From the look of things Plesk seems to be a pretty solid app... Any opinions?

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    You could say I grew up with CPanel ever since I began as a free host customer. Later I found out from one of my best hosts just how buggy CPanel was, but when I myself became a host, I decided to keep using it because I'm familiar with it, customers are familiar with it, and many customers specifically request it. Honestly, I think the only thing keeping it afloat is brand recognition...

    Because CPanel is all I know, I can't speak for other panels, although I've heard very good things about Plesk.

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    I would rather say Cpanel is the most simple user friendly option-rich and the most buggy/insecure one.
    So you have to compromise which one you want.
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    As with any Control Panel software, even ones as simple and easy as cPanel, you still need to do shell based admin work to make sure the system runs well, is secure and taken care of.

    cPanel, Plesk and DirectAdmin are all nice options. With the latter being one of the best IMO.
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    For me I will prefer directadmin at least stable and clear cut

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